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FLEXO-ON is concentrating only on printing machines’ Availability (how much of planed time machine is actually running) and Performance (what speed machine is actually running in comparison to maximum speed) analysis, but not a TPM and quality issues. Analysis is based on practises of LEAN manufacturing and TOC (Theory of Constrains) concepts.


WHY we concentrate only on printing press OEE?

  • Usually it’s a most expensive piece of equipment and capital wise it should be utilised most efficient as it defines success of all printing business. 

  • Moreover people operating printing presses are high qualification and are also some kind of scarce resource. 

  • Finally FLEXO-ON unique expertise is based on practical experience analysing different customers unique processes (very big library of solutions for your unique process) improvement.

WHAT processes do we analyse?

Printing machine’s Availability we analyse through the prism of job changeover (SMED) organisation and Performance we see as mixture of standardised job procedures and technological performance improvement (do not touch TPM).

HOW do we actually do this?

  • Normally first what we do is videotaping the process of real press operation and building a time and logistics/walking diagrams.

  • Next we split operations into internal (can be executed just directly touching/stoping the machine) and external (can be executed without stoping the press). 

  • Complementing this information with internal OEE data we do concentrate our efforts brainstorming how internal processes we can convert into external ones or how to streamline and simplify them to complete them in shortest possible time. 

  • We build a new process.

SESSION CAN BE DONE REMOTELY - you videotape the process, FLEXO-ON analyse it, make current situation diagram and make a proposals for improvement/new process flow. As we’ve seen a lot of similar production sites and know process very well, what we need is few videos from you and responsible person who can answer our questions.

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